Peter Howard

From day one, we created the foundations that would carry me through the rest of our time together. The intensity of the workouts Coach Craig had me doing go beyond my workouts in ARMY ROTC. I wanted to lose 70 pounds in 8 months and I lost 77 pounds in 6 and half months. My speed increased, my vertical increased, and I saw muscle tone that had never been there before. Coach Craig’s eating regiment went right along with our workout. I saw other guys coming into the weight room putting in double what I was doing and after three months they had gone nowhere. I owe my success as an athlete, ROTC cadet, and well being to Coach Craig. If you are ready to set a goal and surpass it, then G.O.A.L will get you there.

For the two years I’ve trained at GOAL, Coach Coles has been an outstanding trainer, mentor, and friend to my brother and I. GOAL’s workouts are intense and push you to your limits in order to ...Read More
Thomas Rogers - UVA