Eric M. Gobble

The Sports Boosters at Trinity offer a 5 week “Speed School” each summer for all of our athletes. Finding the right fit had been difficult. We are so fortunate that a Trinity parent recommended GOAL to us! Running our Speed School is a tough assignment. On any given night, Coach Coles and the trainers from GOAL would have athletes ranging from 12th grade college football prospects to incoming 9th graders unsure of what sports they wanted to try. They were able to help them all. Each athlete — regardless of age, ability or experience — worked hard, got better and had fun in their experience. The performance coaches encouraged them, challenged them, and taught them how to get the most out of their talents. We really see the positive effects of having GOAL on our campus!

For the two years I’ve trained at GOAL, Coach Coles has been an outstanding trainer, mentor, and friend to my brother and I. GOAL’s workouts are intense and push you to your limits in order to ...Read More
Thomas Rogers - UVA