Dani Fraizer

I trained at G.O.A.L this past summer in order to prepare for cheerleading tryouts at James Madison University. My cheerleading coaches noticed a huge change in my stamina, tumbling skills, and over all muscle tone. My coed stunt partner commented on how much higher my jump became and how light I felt in the air because of how much I could tighten my muscles and urged me to continue my training at G.O.A.L. I also noticed a huge change in my daily energy and I always felt better after my workouts. Not only did I feel satisfied that I had worked hard with Coach Coles, who pushed me to my greatest potential during each workout, but it was also a great stress release. When tryouts came around, 87 girls showed up, and only 17 made the cut. I am proud to say, I am one of the 17 girls that made JMU’s all-girl competition team.I highly recommend GOAL Performance Training to any athlete who wants to get to that next level, especially College level.

Training at GOAL is one of the best training and workouts that I’ve ever been in. The drills are clear, and the lifting, running, and sprinting are all profitable. I would definitely ...Read More
Adjehi Baru, Forward/Center at The College of Charleston