Middle School Football Specific Camp

Football Specific Camp for Rising 6th – 8th graders

What will our football camp focus on: All aspects of Speed Training, Agility, Strength Training, Power, Conditioning, Acceleration and Football specific drills

  • Injury Prevention, How? By teaching Proper Form & Technique
  • Conditioning, Why? So that our Athletes don’t convert back to poor Form & technique once they become fatigued. 
  • Agility, Means? Coordination & Total Body Awareness
  • Strength Training, Why? to create Total Body Power that will strengthen the athletes Core Using Body weight, sleds, bands that will create Power which generates Acceleration, Multi Directional & Top End Speed.

3 days a week – Mon/Tue/Thu 5:30p-7:00pm
Session 1 – July 11th-29th
Session 2 – August 1st – 19th

Cost: $95 per session or Both sessions for $175!

Training at G.O.A.L has been very beneficial. Coming off an injury and in preparation for this upcoming season, I knew I needed to train with someone who understood how ...Read More
Tim Hightower - RB NFL New Orlean Saints