Football Specific Training Program

Football Specific Training Program – Begins February 6th!

Being experts, we understand what it takes for the body to Perform at it’s highest level. Therefore, we don’t over train our athletes and put them at a disadvantage against their competition. Our football program kicks off in February and runs right up until two-a-days kick off the following year. We focus on progression phases for our training:

  • Rejuvenation-Phase
  • Developmental Phase
  • Competitions​ Phase

This football specific program is designed for High School Football players to become stronger at their positions and prepare them for the next season and the next level. We will place a strong focus on functional strength to maximize all aspects of performance training. We will place a strong focus on the following:

  • Explosive Speed
  • Acceleration & Deceleration
  • Movement Patterns  & Change of Direction
  • Transfer of Power
  • Full Body Strength Training
  • Muscle Endurance & Injury Prevention
  • Flexibility & Agility

Our football preparation training is limited to 10 -12 athletes ensuring the best results possible for each athlete​.

Training is offered Tuesday and Thursday 7-8pm- $130/month 2x week

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“Training at G.O.A.L has been very beneficial. Coming off an injury and in preparation for this upcoming season, I needed to train with someone who understood how to return my body to maximum productivity. Craig Coles has the knowledge as well as the passion for his craft.  As a professional athlete you understand your body is your livelihood. In order to maximize your full athletic potential you must train at a high level, not just physically but intelligently. I am on that path at G.O.A.L and look forward to continued growth in every aspect of my game.”  – Tim Hightower, NFL RB New Orleans Saints

For the two years I’ve trained at GOAL, Coach Coles has been an outstanding trainer, mentor, and friend to my brother and I. GOAL’s workouts are intense and push you to your limits in order to ...Read More
Thomas Rogers - UVA