Collegiate Training

Total Adult Performance
6:00 am - 7:00 am
June 26, 2017

Collegiate Training

Our collegiate programs prepare athletes for their upcoming seasons by taking their skills to the next level and maximizing their performance. We prepare the body and mind for the rigors of collegiate sports. We focus on enhancing power, speed, quickness and strength with a customized sport specific program.

Strength, power, Speed and Proper Movement Mechanics must be pillars of our athleticism prior to advancing to the next level.

Athlete Developmentcollegiate 2

  • Advanced Acceleration
  • Advanced Top-End Speed Training
  • Advanced Lateral Movement
  • Advanced Multi-Directional Speed
  • Advanced Sport Specific Movement Programs
  • Pre-hab, Joint Stability and Mobility Training
  • Upcoming Events

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Training at GOAL is one of the best training and workouts that I’ve ever been in. The drills are clear, and the lifting, running, and sprinting are all profitable. I would definitely ...Read More
Adjehi Baru, Forward/Center at The College of Charleston