Athlete Training

Total Adult Performance
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
November 21, 2018

All our athletes go through an in-depth one on one assessment and consultation prior to any training.  This allows us to establish a baseline for each athlete so we can create an accurate program to assist the athlete’s in reaching their performance goals.

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Pro Athletes

As a professional athlete you’re challenged every day to perform at the highest levels against the best competition.  We customize our pro training packages to fit the needs of each individual athlete wanting to gain an edge on their competition. We also provide Combine preparation, off season training and injury prevention.  Schedule an appointment

Collegiate Athletes

Our collegiate programs prepare athletes for their upcoming seasons by taking their skills to the next level and maximizing their performance.  We prepare the body and mind for the rigors of collegiate sports.  We focus on enhancing power, speed, quickness and strength with a customized sport specific program.  Schedule an appointment

Team Training 

Our team training offers in season and off season training programs with a minimum of ten athletes.  Our performance coaches will consult with the team’s coaches to design a sport specific program incorporating strength, power, speed, and agility.  We will also focus on team morale, confidence and camaraderie.  Schedule an appointment

One on One Training

Our one on one programs are designed for each individual athlete to produce results in overall performance  This 1:1 training regiment caters to your individual needs and goals. The programs are designed to correct deficiencies in movement patterns and strengthen any weakness or imbalance the athlete may have.  Schedule an appointment

College Prep (Ages 15-18)

We focus on preparing the athlete’s for the next level of a collegiate program.   Athletes train in a competitive atmosphere with other athlete’s in their age group.

Advanced areas of concentration are: strength, power, speed, agility, core stability, muscle endurance, pre-hab and proper nutrition for an athlete.  Schedule an appointment

High School Prep (Ages 12-14)

This developmental program focuses on progressing athletic movement with introduction of speed mechanics and an introduction to proper form and technique for weight lifting.  In addition, we will focus on core stability, strength, conditioning, acceleration, deceleration and mental mindset.  Schedule an appointment


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