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G.O.A.L. Performance Training

At G.O.A.L. we believe that in order to reach their maximum potential, athletes must understand the fundamental physical requirements of their individual sport and train their mind and body accordingly. Different sports require different fundamental movement patterns. Poor, inefficient movement, can lead to slow development, poor athletic performance and injury. G.O.A.L. addresses this by conditioning athletes from the core outward, and designing sport specific training programs that focus on an athletes movement patterns, speed, strength, power, agility and endurance.

We work with all types of athletes of all levels. Currently we offer training programs for Pro, Collegiate, High School, Middle School & Youth. To learn more about these, please see our Athlete Training Classes.

In addition, we offer training sessions for Adults! We believe that by training like an athlete you can accomplish any fitness related goal. We offer two different group training programs designed to get you in the best shape of you life. You can learn more about our Adult Training Classes.


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Click here to take a tour of our new facility, which includes:

  • 17,000 square feet of training space
  • Indoor Field & Speed Track
  • State of the Art Equipment
  • Electronic Speed Testing
  • Platforms, Racks and More
  • Professionally Certified Training Staff

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Meet Craig Coles…

Training at GOAL is one of the best training and workouts that I’ve ever been in. The drills are clear, and the lifting, running, and sprinting are all profitable. I would definitely ...Read More
Adjehi Baru, Forward/Center at The College of Charleston